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Why Have a Domain?

How Do I Use a Domain Name?

How is a Domain Name Made?

What Does a Domain Name Cost?

Can I move an Existing Domain Name?

Why have a domain ?

Having e-mail and web addresses which your customers can easily identify with will assist your company in building a presence on the Internet.

If your present e-mail or web address is based on the name of your Internet Service provider then you have limited your options when you wish to change Internet Service Providers. It also makes it difficult for your customers to remember your Internet address.

Your company can promote its presence on the Internet by registering a domain name. This is the on-line equivalent of registering a business name. The domain name is important because it forms part of your e-mail and Web address and removes the reliance on having someone else's company name as part of your Internet Address.

How do I use a domain name ?

A Domain by itself is not very useful but when it points to a site , or web page, on the world wide web you can send and receive e-mail to meaningful addresses at your domain name and provide information to those who access your web pages using your domain name.

For example The Important Company Pty Ltd with a domain name of can setup e-mail boxes like and have their web pages accessed via the address

How is a domain name made ?

A domain name normally consists of 2 parts, your company name, type of organisation/location.

For example with the domain - important is the company name and the .com indicates that The Important Company Pty Ltd is a commercial organisation. Sometimes there may be an international domain suffix like .au, which indicates the country where the business operates (in the case of .au, the country is Australia.)

If you are an educational institution then you can request a domain name which ends in .edu, government and semi-government departments can request .gov, for clubs and various forms of affiliation groups .org and for network infrastructure and Internet Service Providers .net.

What does a domain name cost ?

Most domain names are registered with the relevant naming authority for 2 year periods and the current charges payable to the naming authority for the most common (and useful) domain name options are as follows:

.com $US 70 every 2 years
.net $US 70 every 2 years
.org $US 70 every 2 years $A 77 every 2 years $A 77 every 2 years No additional charge applies

A standard charge of $77, which includes the first 2 years registration fee, will apply if you require Planet HomePage to establish a domain name on your behalf.

Can I move an existing domain name ?

If your domain is already delegated to an ISP you can arrange for it to be re-delegated to Planet HomePage. There is no additional charge for moving an existing domain as part of your initial set-up, but you are responsible for any charges imposed by the name registration authority.

A charge of $39 applies to have an existing domain name re-directed to your existing Planet HomePage site.


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